Unleash The Leader With In You

Jan 10, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Unleash The Leader
There are two types of people in this world - leaders and followers. We see them among us every day as individuals of different age, gender, culture, and talents. They all serve a purpose in building the world as we see it. So what makes a leader different from a follower. Why is it important to bring out the leader in you through executive leadership coaching?
You might have heard life coaches talk in length about how to nourish your skills and traits and to unlock your potential. For a professional in an organization, it is essential to be able to think creatively and promote their services better. Organizations are now looking for individuals who can drive their own growth, someone who can swiftly make effective decisions and move ahead with them and take responsibility for the same. They are on the lookout for individuals who engage their peers and get things done on time. In short, organizations are in search of leaders to take up their tasks and get it done creatively and effectively.
So what are the traits of a good leader? Let's find out -

Being enthusiastic

A person who is truly enthusiastic about their job can do and make others do the job well. Insincere enthusiasm is easily recognized by people and they tend to put off them. An enthusiastic person can easily identify solutions for existing problems as their key focus is on achieving the results than complaining about how difficult the path is. Enthusiasm is inborn. It is one of those personal traits that people must be proud to have.

Being Loyal

Leaders are quite loyal to their cause. Their loyalty is also tangible as they show it to all the people whom they consider their team. They strive to ensure that all the members in their team have the necessary training and resources to do their job and tend to all their needs. True leaders also stand up for the team in times of trouble. They are not title obsessed, but rather focus solely on the results.

Have Integrity

Leaders have high integrity when it comes to standing up for their causes. They do what is right and what is best for the project and always gives due credit to the members for all their hard work. Integrity is what differentiates a leader from others.

Strong Decision-Making Skills

A strong leader is someone who takes decisions not because they are in power, but are willing to take a risk for the best of their chosen cause. Indecisiveness always leads to ineffectiveness and that is why leaders make quick decisions and move forward with it. People who have the potential to rise to leadership posts, often struggle at this point. Executive leadership coaching workshops focus on helping these individuals find the strength to make decisions and stick to them.

Charm and great communication skills

Leaders are easily the most charming, friendly, and approachable individuals to all, making people simply follow them. They also need to have great communication skills to communicate their ideas and accomplish the tasks. Sometimes, individuals who have every trait to be a leader lacks when it comes to effective communication. However, communication skills can be easily improved through executive leadership coaching.

Motivating all

A leader is a good motivator, who is able to get everyone on the same board to get everything done for the cause. They have the willingness to lead everyone while encouraging them all to be a better version of themselves. People trust a leader, which is how they are empowered by the leader to work better and work together. Leaders are people who pull their team to success rather than pushing them to get things done.
So, do you have what it takes to be a leader? If you are an individual with these qualities, but still wish to hone your skills to be a value-driven leader, join the workshop by Dubai’s most sought-after executive leadership coach today. It's time to unleash the leader within you.