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What are the recurrent patterns that keep popping up in your relationships? How are you closing the gap between your dreams and the reality in any relationship that you’re in? What are the baggages and unhealthy behaviours taking tolls on your relationships? Who do you need to become to find your life-partner and manifest your desired relationship?
When two people come together, something else shows up which has its own intelligence. In Relationship Systems Coaching, we call it; The Third Entity™ (the soul of the relationship). Relationship systems is a process in which a coach participates with all the individuals in a system (couples, family, teams etc.) at the same time to consciously create a powerful intentional right relationship. This way coach and the individuals in the relationship can see ‘what’s actually trying to happen’, from a resourceful, equipped, and more-than-empathetic perspective and act upon it.
“No two minds come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”
Napoleon Hill
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Relationship Coaching
In singles coaching we will work on manifesting your life partner and soul mate. Part of the process will be looking at who you want to attract and what kind of relationship you want to create. We will uncover the things that keep you from attracting the right relationship.
We will find your core values, desires, limiting-beliefs, triggers, and needs. We will unveil and reframe the patterns of your past and build a support system in you. We will focus on healthy communication principles and work with your
Relationship Coaching
There are four negative patterns that predict divorce and other relationship breakdowns: Blame, Defensiveness, Contempt, and Stonewalling. These behaviors mostly exist in every relationship, and that’s perfectly normal. But when they start to manifest too often, they can make the relationship toxic. Being concious and intentional in relationship is more than just good communication. It’s about getting to know oneself and another.
To create intimate and fulfilled relationships, we will look into the reasons behind these actions, discover what lies in the essence and dream levels of the relationship and recreate from there. We will find what exists in each other’s world, and understand and learn those individual needs, improve and empower the relationship.