Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Jan 17, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job
Do you have a job or a career? It's a simple question anyone can answer once they know the difference between both. You have a job if you rely on it only for the paycheck that comes with it at the end of the month. On the other hand, you are having or building a career if your tasks, training and experiences all amount to your personal growth, and is not just about the money. The job you do is your career if you are genuinely involved in it and wishes to excel in that as a long-term goal.
But does everyone have a career? Unfortunately, not quite. Career coaches in Dubai have been coaching hundreds of individuals over the years to help them land a dream job, from which they can build their career. So is there a way to find just that? Here are a few tips that can help-

Figure out your Dream

Before you start applying to random jobs you find on job sites, you must first have an idea as to what you actually want to do. There are n number of job opportunities out there if you are able to pick up the one thing you want to pursue as a career.
Often, we find people who are unhappy with their jobs because that is not the job they wanted to be part of in the first place. So before applying for a job, ask yourself - is this a job that I will enjoy pursuing? Is it aligning to my existing skill set? Is it something I am genuinely passionate about? If you answer yes to all these self-evaluation questions, then you can easily narrow down jobs that interest you.

Know What You Have to say

Once you have narrowed down your potential jobs, try to string it together to your skills and past work experiences, which would actually make sense for your next position. The right word will convince the recruiter that you are the person for a particular job. Knowing what you have to say will not only help you excel in an interview but will also help you with your networking efforts as well as in your application process.

Start Networking

Networking is one thing that can land you in your potential dream job. With a number of social media channels for you to reach out to people, networking has become easier than ever before. So, when you are on a job hunt, reach out to your old and new connections and let them know what you are looking out for. It may surprise you that a lot of them will be happy to provide you with potential job offers.

Apply and get noticed

Once you have done your groundwork and have a list of jobs you want to seriously apply for, it's time to tap away at them. Get a well-written resume and cover letter prior to the applying. Although this is not the only thing necessary to land the job. The tone of your resume must be professional, compelling to pique the interest of the recruiter. Your career coach can help you write an interesting resume, which can help you shine.

Regular Follow Ups

Applying to the jobs alone is not alone to actually get you a job. You must regularly follow up on them to get updates. Train and improve your skills while doing smart job searches so that you can find the perfect job to kick-start your career.
Contact your career coach in Dubai today to help you figure out your interests and aid you with your job hunt.