Shine In Your Own Skin - Brand Yourself

Dec 12, 2018 | Ebru Yildirim
You are your own brand
Let's get our facts straight
Being average doesn't cut anymore. In this highly competitive world, making a mark for yourself has gone beyond just being the best version of yourself. In a city like Dubai, there is one thing that an established businessman or a fairly new entrepreneur, a fashion designer or an aspiring computer genius needs in common to get noticed - Personal Brand.
A personal brand is simply your persona that has been noticed as a result of your skills and personality. If you are a person of exceptional skills and a charming personality, that’s two ticks on the path to personal branding.
This personal branding thing can get really tricky as there a lot of steps to discover, create and market yourself as a brand, all the while not coming off as pompous. But creating your personal brand can help you stand out from the crowd. For example, as an entrepreneur, the things that essentially create your brand are your reputation, credibility, career history and professionalism. Likewise, there are key essentials that you require to make a mark in your industry or niche field.

Empowered Individuals

A personal brand is a perception you hold in someone else’s mind. It is the first reaction people have when they hear or see you. So think about what makes you different. Have a clear understanding of the one thing that you want people to think when they hear your name. Start asking questions to yourself. Ask why yourself what your ultimate purpose is, what drives and inspires to be bigger and better. As a person, being successful in your life or career might be what you wish for the most. So ask what is that you want to achieve the most.
When you answer your whats and whys, you get an answer as to what your purpose is, what you need to do and why you want it. In most people, the burning desire is to achieve great things, things that they love and things that they are good at are what motivates them to do better and be better.

Be authentic

The important part of your personal brand is it is about yourself. What you create is what you are and what you want to be. You should be true to yourself, be the most authentic about your aspirations. Having an authentic personal brand is the most valuable asset that people have today, both in the virtual world and the real one.

Commitment to improve

Being a personal brand doesn't make you perfect. It makes you more responsible for your words and actions as an upcoming influencer. As a motivated individual, you must take the time to widen your knowledge. Transform yourself through constant learning and upgrading. Improve and sharpen your strengths and work to get rid of your weaknesses. In short, you must have made a commitment to yourself to improve every single day.

Be remarkable

Being hardworking is not enough. When you look at the top experts and influencers, the ones who are the best at their jobs, you see that they all have something in common - uniqueness. Being a go-to expert of the one thing that you love is where you are going to stand apart. Do not wait for the best time or perfect moment to start your path to being remarkable. Procrastination has never helped anyone achieve anything and so, make it happen today, right now.
If you are keen on building your personal brand but is still unsure how to proceed, you can sign in for personal brand coaching in Dubai. This is ideally the best way for you to kick start your action plan to becoming awesome. Be an influencer today by giving back quality services back to the society.