How To Really Enjoy Living: Ten Important Rules To Live Life By

Dec 12, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
How To Really Enjoy Living: Ten Important Rules To Live Life By
People are earning more money, bringing up more gifted kids, paving the way for more transformation. Life can be tricky these days what with trying to juggle successful careers, fruitful marriages, active social media accounts, healthy lifestyles, and killer phone photography skills. Is it even possible to achieve all this in one lifetime? Celebrities and influencers make all of it look so easy and yes most of that bit of perfection comes with exquisite airbrushing and a team of 100, but not all of it. The fact of the matter is that with the right mental attitude, efficient time management, and inner self-realization, the sky’s the limit.

You Are Who You Are

This is not an opinion. It’s a fact. You may notice a few flaws but rest assured that nobody, not one, is perfect. Physical attributes are the trickiest to deal with. This one wants lighter skin while that one is dying to be tanned. But learn to accept yourself for who you are. Your self is unique in what it believes and how it acts. Yes, there are others who follow similar paths and common forces enable you to sense that but each individual is here to play their own part. Once we realize this, personal contentment won’t be too far.

The Right Treatment

More often than not, we hear people saying, treat others like how you want to be treated. That’s all well and good, for you. But what about them? Maybe we should treat others how they want to be treated, plain and simple. There shouldn’t be one formula that works for all but each one tweaked to keep the receiving individual in mind. If they want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God, give it to them. But if they are the kind who prefer a little sugar in their bowl, who are you to judge them?

Open the Door

How many times have we heard the phrase, when a window closes, a door opens? But unlike in the real world, doors don’t open automatically in our minds. We have to train our brain and give it the green signal every time it comes across a closed barrier. It’s only natural to live with a fear of failure but it’s a learned ability to overcome that fear and take potential and educated risks, but risks nevertheless.

Let go the Ego

Self-esteem is extremely integral to a secure being but sometimes in order to protect it, we let our ego take over. This part of our conscious mind while essential to constructing everything that our mind stands for walks a fine line between illusion and reality. And what happens if we fall over, arrogance sets in, making it difficult for the individual to stay true to others and for that matter even themselves.

Moderation is Here to Say

You know when we were little and our parents used to constantly tell us “do everything, but in moderation” and we never used to listen because they were our, well, parents. And now that we’re all grown up, we go around practicing it ourselves. Or at least we aspire to. The funny thing is that this one word, moderation, can apply to anything and everything in our life, be it food, exercise, work or fun. A fine balance, so to speak.

Forget the Comparison

There will always be someone out there who has a bigger house, a faster car, or a newer gadget. If you try to one-up the next person, 9 out of 10 times you will fall short. And even if on the tenth try you happen to surpass them, at what cost? You might just end up spending all your valuable time trying to bring them down instead of focusing all your energy on raising yourselves up. Stop living your life trying to outdo everyone else and start recognizing your strengths, experiences and yes even weaknesses.

Less Negative, More Positive

Negativity tends to seep in a lot faster than its better half. But you can fix that by giving the negative people in your life the least amount of time, energy and attention. Stop dealing with bad attitudes, catastrophic thinking and fatalistic outlooks. Look towards a group of people who will make your life shine bright both with their words and their actions. They are the ones who will help you determine what is good in your life. They will help you acknowledge the joys you find in simple acts.

Release Those Endorphins

Referred to more often than not as natural painkillers and mood boosters, endorphins come in all shapes, colors and sizes. These tiny neurochemicals released by your body help manage pain and experience pleasure and there are numerous ways to boost them naturally. Whether you practice a little meditation, enjoy a piece of dark chocolate, indulge in some laughter, or even watch your favorite TV series., you will be releasing these chemical messengers consistently. And seeing as the list is endless, have a blast picking and choosing a different boost each time.

The More You Give, The More You Get

It may sound uncanny but it works. It may be something small like helping a friend move apartments or something larger-than-life like letting your sibling live rent-free. Be it financial help, spiritual advice or just being there for a friend, in the long run, you will receive all of this and more when your turn comes. While the belief is biblical, its results are real. If you help others around you expand their reach, you will find you end up growing yourself as well.

Look Good, Feel Good

This one may sound a bit superficial but dig a little deeper. Looking good doesn’t just involve nailing that insta-worthy selfie, it’s about having a healthy body. It’s about having the energy to get through your day with gusto, whether that means climbing Mount Everest, delivering a sermon or taking your kids to school. This is not to say that a little bit of Sunday laziness should be completely repressed but to say that your every other weekday should have you getting up with a little hop, skip and jump. And let’s just say, regular exercise will definitely help in all of this.
Look Good
The world is filled with things and activities galore making it that much easier for us to spend all our money, meet all our people, and fill up all our days. But what about what makes us happy? Where and when do we fit that in? The amazing thing is that every person is capable of enjoying a fulfilling life. All they have to do is organize themselves both literally and spiritually. Life coaches may not sound as significant but their purpose is above and beyond just acting as a cheer squad. Whether you need help to overcome certain obstacles to succeed or you are looking for that self-empowerment to turn your life around, our qualified life coaches can help you unlock your true potential.