How To Increase Self-Belief & Motivation

Aug 16, 2018 | Ebru Yildirim
Self-Belief & Motivation
Self-belief and motivation are two of the many components in unlocking your own potential. When your life engine is fully-dependent to your everyday surroundings, you may find yourself lost amidst the crowd while steering away from finding your individual track. Loss of self-belief results to lack of motivation, and motivation is an essential facet to achieving your own sense of fulfilment in life. A fixed mindset rejects the idea of growth and that abilities can be developed, which eliminates the capacity to self-belief and motivation. How aware are you of your capabilities? Do you check with yourself how much growth you’ve had over the past months or years, and how much of fulfilment you get in your progression? Increasing self-belief and motivation means to establish your own personal branding.
To me, personal branding is a tool of communication and self-awareness. It enables us knowing who we are and what we can do. We leave an impact on the people we meet. Scientifically, first impressions are made less than 5 seconds in the limbic part of the brain. Hence, defining the WHO and the WHY, not only through the roles we take on but also what makes us who we are, and leveraging on those qualities and skills creates opportunities in the business world.
On that note, personal brand is the true reflection of who we are - our unique differentiator.
What are the advantages of carefully managing your personal brand?
Consistently being true to our essence and owning the authentic WHO and WHY empowers leaders to think 'big' and maximize their impact. Having a clear understanding of our unique edges and learning how to consistently communicate results in a unique value proposition and a compelling presence, which would lead to having an intended differentiation and impact on others, thereby creating opportunities.
We live in a highly competitive society. Differentiating ourselves is one of the best ways to stand out and create a competitive advantage, therefore branding is such a crucial component of success.
What are the core areas in which people should be concentrating?
Organizing our thoughts around core values, strengths, ambitions and personal vision enables us crafting our unique brand house. Owning and living the pillars of our brand house helps us building and managing our perception. This is where executive coaching plays a critical role, be it in business and social interactions or on social media.
To start setting your own personal brand and increase your motivation, it’s important to be constantly in touch with your inner knowing. Asking yourself thought-provoking questions would help in an increased self-belief and motivation;
· Who are you when you're at your best?
· What sets you apart from others? What are your strengths?
· What do you dream up achieving?
· What is your personal vision?
· Which values you need to honor to live your life upon your vision?
· Who is your audience, and why?
· Why should your audience believe in you?
· How would 'Brand You' look like? What needs to change in your life for that to happen?
· What's next?
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." - March Aurelius