How To Effectively Manage Your Anxiety? Tips To Help Build Positive Thoughts

May 21, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Build Positive Thoughts
Are you often having a constant panic attack when something doesn’t go as you planned? Well, this must’ve been faced by many people who often term this as having anxiety issues. But honestly, is this a major problem? Not really. Anxiety is a kind of fear which is a common part of human emotions. So, there is nothing you need to be anxious about.
People often worry about performing well during their exams, work or anything else and thus gives rise to this particular emotion called anxiety. But you can easily avoid this by so many means. Plenty of personal life coaches in Dubai are working towards bringing positivity into the mindset of people who often face anxiety.
Anxiety is more like a very unhealthy feeling which causes you to worry too much unnecessarily and also cause panic attacks when you overthink about something that should be least bothered. Life coaches claim that one shouldn’t overthink too much of a situation as it’ll only generate unhealthy emotions and thus give rise to these uncomfortable bodily sensations termed as fear and anxiety.
However, overthinking and pushing these emotions into the negative bucket won’t help you much. Though these are considered as something that is uncomfortable and unpleasant, it shouldn’t be pushed away as something negative. These are a part of human emotions and so is very common for a human to experience them. Instead of this, you can actually deal with anxiety in a positive manner. Some of the tips by the best life coaches will leave you flushed with positivity:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

This has been proved as one of the most effective therapy to almost overcome any situation that has been holding you back. Psychologists, life coaches etc claim that cognitive behavioral therapy helps you free your mind and also provide you with the most long-lasting and consistent improvements. Leaving stress carefree and not tended to means giving it control over your life. CBT helps in being able to manage your anxiety and also helps you keep your emotions under control. This also makes you take responsibility for your change, behavior and emotions.
So a healthy mind can help you overcome so many stressful situations and hence also pave way for a positive mind keeping away uncomfortable emotions like anxiety and stress.


Yes, that’s right! This has been a very useful type of treatment that has helped many overcome and actually forget about the anxiety emotion. Exercise is also actually very helpful in managing worry, as this amazing remedy releases brain chemicals that counteract anxiety and low mood. Hence this gives rise to positive thoughts in you by making you busy and practical by using up your energy and trying harder. It is therefore recommended by plenty of psychologists and personal life coaches in Dubai to spend at least one hour a day for cardio exercises to emit nervous energy.

Write Down Your Worries:

Although this seems to be a very vague option, many seem to actually opt for this as it helps them understand their problem better and also be able to sort it out. If it helps, you can use the technique of structured problem solving where you can mention the stressors that often keep coming up which causes worry and anxiety. Training in structured problem solving can actually be extremely useful for some people who aren’t able to keep control of their emotions. This effective problem-solving skills can help to reduce, minimize, control, or even prevent excessive worrying in daily living thus help you avoid anxiety.

Do What You Love:

Lastly, you are at your best emotion when you indulge in doing something that is close to your heart. So get involved in more happy moments and doing what you love so that there is no time spared to worry about anything unnecessarily. Spare some time a day to get creative or doing anything you love so that you fill your mind with positivity and thus stop constantly thinking of pain or stressful things that cause you anxiety.
If you ever feel like you’re not able to do it alone all by yourself, you can seek help from a professional, like from a psychologist or a good personal life coach in Dubai to get your emotions under control.