Hitting the Target – How to focus on your job to achieve your goals?

Sep 18, 2018 | Ebru Yildirim
Hitting the Target – How to focus on your job to achieve your goals?
The focus is an invaluable trait that not everybody has. Especially in the corporate setting, being able to deeply focus on something can help you accomplish your tasks at a rapid rate. Focusing on your work is one of the most important skills you can bring to your career however people often fall short in this aspect. The focus is a vital key to succeeding in work and in life. In the face of so much distraction, how do you hit for the target and know how is it achieved?
Attention implies singularity. It’s an understatement that focusing on one thing at a time can be difficult. The good thing about focus is that it’s a learnable skill. It takes practice and it takes testing with different methods, but you can develop your ability. It's also important to distinguish your triggers, on what takes away and maintains your focus on accomplishing your tasks.

You can start coaching yourself with these approaches;

1. Find what drives you – Identify your goals and the strategies you need to come up with to achieve your goals. Figuring out what your purpose means knowing your drives and your motivation, for you to develop habits and routines designed for a focused working environment.
2. Resist distraction – Carefully manage your time by following an allotted schedule for your specific tasks, regardless of how big or small they are. Take breaks if you must but ensure that these breaks do not exceed an amount of time that could consume so much of your working hours.
3. Prevent procrastination - Don’t wait and don’t give any excuses. How can you stay focused when there are things that will bother you? Try to start on something that you have been avoiding doing because of the numerous excuses you have come up with. If you could reward yourself for an accomplished task to motivate yourself, then do so. Being able to act on something such as procrastination deserves a reward, after all.
4. Having a clear Vision – After figuring out what drives you, settle with your Vision and use it as guidance to keep yourself focus at work. The more you let yourself in touch with your Vision, the more you could be reminded of your goals and purpose which could give you a different sense of focus at work.
The Vision is the most important thing that makes the most out of our lives. It’s an internal image of what we want for our life. It’s part of our inner guidance system. It drives our energy, our thoughts, our wants and needs, and our choices.
Transformational coaching focuses on individuality; it brings out our strengths, values, dreams and inner resources that we can create from within. It acknowledges criticism and builds betterment based on what is commonly perceived as ‘flaws’. Finding ways to train yourself allows you to view life in different perspective that will convey clarity, direction, and purpose to our life. The more you take in charge, the more you become conscious of your decisions. These decisions will lead to living life to its content as we become best of ourselves and share the experience with others.
Hit the target and stick to your goals. Fix your gaze straight ahead and focus on what you are aiming at. When you fail to focus at first, quickly get back on your feet and don’t hesitate to aim at your target once more. Achieve your goals by setting your eyes on your Vision with executive coaching.