Emotionally Yours: Finding Your Way Through Emotions

Apr 22, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Finding Your Way Through Emotions
While every human being is capable of experiencing emotions, not all perceive it the same way. For instance, some people are comfortable with their emotions. Some wear their heart on the sleeve and show their vulnerability to the world. And there are some others who stifle their emotions and ignore their pain.
Finding your way through emotions and handling them with maturity is an art that comes with practice. Here are five ways as suggested by our life coach in Dubai, to effectively deal with your emotions and lead a better life.

Understand Your Emotions

Emotions affect how you perceive the world. It determines how you decide to take action or how you react to a situation. Sadness, for instance, tend to slow you down. It makes you listless that affects the task at hand. When you are sad, you are more likely to agree to a bad deal as you feel everything is hopeless anyway.
On the other hand, extreme happiness will also tend to make you overlook challenges which will cause you to take up too much risk. This shows that while happy emotions are welcome, they do not always associate with positive results.
Psychologists and life coaches say that emotions have the tendency to cloud your judgement, which lets you make bad decisions. So the first step to keeping them under check is to understand them. Think of how your current emotion will affect your task at hand. Understand what your feeling is at a given time and proceed with caution.

Determine The Effect Of Emotion

Emotions are neither positive nor negative. Each emotion has its own role to play in your life. The same feelings that are helpful at times, can also be your enemy at the wrong time.
Anger, for instance, seems like a negative emotion. When you are angry you may end up hurting people. At the same time, anger at injustice or anger directed toward fulfilling a cause will make you take a stand and call for action.
Anxiety is quite helpful when it holds you back from a dangerous task. On the other hand, it can stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone, which stuns your chances at success.
Just like understanding your emotion, identify whether it is a friend or enemy to your cause at a given time. By understanding what you feel and identifying it’s effect will change how you act or react to a situation.

Manage Your Emotion At The Right Time

While it may seem tricky, scheduling time for your feeling is one way to manage your emotions. A natural worrier can take out some time in their daily life and dedicate it to anxious thoughts. Think and brainstorm the what-ifs only during this scheduled time to make sure that they are not thought of during other times of the day.
If you are undergoing a tough time and is sad about things that are happening in your life, take some time to contemplate on it before you hit the bed every night. Life coaching experts recommend emotion scheduling as a great way to keep feelings under check in a healthy way.

Shift Your Emotion Effectively

Shifting your emotion from one thing to another will help you balance your emotion. Your life coach will suggest you to try smiling as a way to fight the feeling of sadness. Counting 1 to 100 and taking deep breaths will help stop spirally down with anxiety.
This emotion shifting technique can effectively boost your mood and mindset and helps you restart your actions without the complications of the current emotional state.

Get Comfortable With Discomfort

Uncomfortable situations like shame and embarrassment can take a toll on some people. While these feelings are fleeting, it affects different people differently depending upon their level of tolerance. These uncomfortable feelings will give way to other feelings like anger or sadness if not effectively dealt with.
Learn to get comfortable with these feelings. Laugh it off when you are embarrassed or apologise when you feel ashamed. Let your life coach help you take a positive turn on your emotions.
Building emotional maturity is not an overnight task. With regular practice and good counsel from your life coach in Dubai, you can master the art of keeping emotions under check.