Dealing With Life's Many Challenges: 5 Steps To Help You Push Through

May 14, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Dealing With Life's Many Challenges: 5 Steps To Help You Push Through
You can never predict your life. It is the one thing that is always on the move, always changing. Even when everything appears to be calm and going just right, it will take only minutes for everything to go topsy turvy and out of track. Changes like that can make or break people. While some people work through the tough times and rise above it, many others tend to give up on it easily.
While life has many challenges, it also brings forth opportunities to overcome these obstacles. We cannot avoid pain and failures, but whether we want to accept the ‘fate’ and suffer for it is optional. In this article, your favorite life coach in Dubai will share her expert opinions on how to overcome some of the common challenges you face in everyday life.

The feeling of getting stuck in a loop

Whether it is a job you hate or a very toxic and tiring relationship, it will make you feel stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Everyone has been there at some point in their life. Chances are that, when you are stuck, you will lose faith in what you really want in life. You might have chosen a career or a relationship that at one point seemed like a great opportunity, but later on, became a burden. And now, you are too scared to give up on it because of your current suffering seems bearable when compared to the pain of the unknown.
As a career coach in Dubai, I have seen people stick to their toxic relationship or unsatisfying job with the fear of letting go. However, the first step to getting ‘unstuck’ and liberating yourself is by adopting a long-term gain instead of thinking about the short term successes.
Listen to yourself and know what you want. Ask yourself why you feel stuck in your situation. Is it because you are missing love in your relationship? Or is it because your job is not rewarding anymore. Consider removing yourself from the situation? How would you feel? If you feel that you’d feel better, consider moving away from these unpleasant situations. Quit your job and look for a new one. Walk out from the toxic relationship and focus on the positive things in life. Be respectful of the other side. But always stand up for your reasons and decisions.

Financial roadblocks

Most people might have faced some form of money crunch at some point in their life. This is especially true if you have bank debts or if you owe someone money. When you face financial troubles, it is important to think with a clear head and focus on the solution rather than the problem.
Take a look at your finances. See what you can let go, and where you can save money. Restructure your spendings and negotiate on your paybacks.
While it may be tough at the beginning, slowly you will start seeing changes. In my experience as a life coach in Dubai, I have seen people hold on to their ego and not ask for help. However, when you are in financial trouble, it is okay to ask for help from your close ones. Slowly but surely, things will turn around.

Coping With Loss

In my years as a life coach in Dubai, I have seen many people go through different losses. They’d lose their job, house or car. They might even lose their loved ones when they least expect it. Coping with a loss is one of the biggest challenges people face. your job, home or any material thing, understand that these things don’t define you. Make decisions that make you happy and content with life. Focus yourself on the positives that life has to offer. Move ahead with a smile and a lot of hope.
Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be heartbreaking. Either through their passing, break-up, divorce or end of a friendship, people leave us alone in life. Dealing with this kind of loss is very individualistic. Shift your focus from the feeling of hurt and injustice to a feeling of gratitude, as it will help you come in peace with the loss.

Finding a Work-Life Balance

People often say that they don’t have enough time in life. Not knowing how to prioritize their time will ultimately lead to high levels of stress, affecting their work-life as well as relationships.
As a life coach, I can help you to learn to simplify things in life.
The easiest way to break the stress and pressure is by delegating your tasks. Your spouse, friends, family and co-workers will be more than willing to help if you ask for their help. And learn to say no to additional tasks that come your way which you cannot complete. If you still feel that you need more help, life coaching will help you find better ways to find balance.

Not Compromising On Your Health

As a life coach in Dubai, I know for sure that our physical and mental health is our best asset. If you are healthy, you can always have hope for a better life and going more things in life. So before you are called into the doctor’s office with some health issue, make sure to take the preventive steps.
Take steps today to regain control over your health. Get started on a healthy diet, start working out and get checked every 6 months. Improve the quality of life as long as you live.
Looking for focused help on how to live through tough times in life. Contact your life coach in Dubai today.