Create the Necessary Change:Five Warning Signs Your Life Needs Help

Dec 25, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Create the Necessary Change:Five Warning Signs Your Life Needs Help
Sometimes it’s not about the lack of happiness in one’s life but the lack of awareness which does one in. You may have all the riches in the world. You may have one of the smartest minds in the world. In fact, you may even have travelled the whole world. But that doesn’t necessarily ensure that you have both consciously and subconsciously acknowledged its worth. The worth of experiences.
The worth of relationships. The worth of life itself. This is where life coaches can work their magic and help individuals lookout for signs that maybe life needs a little assistance. Once they have acknowledged their presence with the clients, life coaches aim to work with them to not only help become aware of any negativity in their life in the first place, but then eventually offering assistance in making the desired changes they are looking for.

When Uncertainty Seems Certain

There are certain situations when uncertainty seems to be the order of the day and we as individuals learn to deal with it without creating too much disarray in our lives. It is only when we let these uncertainties take over our minds and bodies completely that anxiety begins setting in. One of the situations here is stressing about what the future holds for us.
While we can control a lot of aspects pertaining to what tomorrow will bring, there is a lot we can not steer the car of life towards. Again as a precursor, a little anxiety can actually help us get out of difficult situations by creating a burst of alertness where there wasn’t one before. But anxiety unchecked can lead to some negative physical and mental effects on the body including difficulty breathing, excruciating headaches, muscle tension and even depression.

An Escape From Reality

When you want to avoid facing problems because they are causing you unnecessary distress and anxiety, you usually end up deciding to take a little time off. Taking a little trip to escape from daily affairs for a short period of time is never a matter of concern, on the contrary, it’s a welcome sign of an open mind. It’s only when this temporary situation starts taking on a permanent facet that eyebrows begin raising.
Every individual needs a little nurturing and healing if only to feed the soul and free the mind of the daily clutter. But if what you’re really looking to do is avoid dealing with your relationships, your work, your responsibilities, your life in general, you are proving nothing more than the fact that you are dismissing your strength to face your challenges.

Negativity is your BFF

9 times out of 10 negativity is correlated as a trait other people influence you with, but that is not always the case. A little bit of negativity lives inside all of us, but it is up to us to keep it at bay. When you start negating even a little bit of positive energy and destroy every bit of enthusiasm from your life is when negativity has won you over.
Exhibiting a fatalistic view of the world will also inevitably reign havoc on your social, romantic and vocational endeavors. There are so many red flags here that you can look out for like not taking credit for your good work, reacting without thoughtfulness and putting other people down. Emotions are key to our existence. It’s normal to feel sad or angry, frustrated or disappointed, but to let it fester inside until it becomes a part of your personality is not the way forward in life. Critical thoughts and judgemental behavior are known factors for inducing tension and increasing stress hormone production. This negative energy consisting of symptoms like anxiety and depression causes you to blame others for all the wrongs happening to you.

Low Energy Reigns High

We spoke of negative energy influencing you to become overcritical and feel unsubstantial. But what about low energy and how its effects take a toll on your mind and body. It’s understandable if you feel a little blue at times, but if you are experiencing low energy all the time making it extremely difficult for you to complete daily tasks then something is amiss.
Fatigue, often described as a combination of lack of energy and motivation, poses a series of negative effects on the quality of your life such as affecting your performance at work, causing strife in your familial relationships and restricting you from getting adequate sleep. And yes, fatigue is sometimes the result due to medical causes that are out of your hand like anemia and for that, you need to seek a doctor. But if the cause is something other than medical, maybe give life coaching a try. Energy deprivation, in the long run, can begin to have adverse impacts on your health as well, including a weakened immune system and lowered bone mineral density. If left untreated, all this tiredness and fatigue can lead to negative impressions on your current and future work and relationships.


Humans are a communicative tribe by nature and while it’s actually healthy to take a short reprieve from constant chatter, something’s considered amiss when people remain in their shell for longer periods of time. Red warning lights should begin flashing, especially considering if you were the kind of person who enjoyed social company tremendously at one point and then recede in the shadows without any explanation. While there can be many different reasons why a person would want to stop talking to someone specifically, there is hardly an explanation for why they would refrain from speaking to everyone around them. But there isn’t one universal explanation for this, is there? Our Life Coaches will be more than happy to help explain the cause and effect factors behind people reacting in extreme negative manners. Entire courses are spun around treatment methods pertaining to such disorders. And the disorders they are. Just because there may not be strong physical effects for everyone to see, doesn't mean that a problem doesn’t exist.
Create the Necessary Change
In many cases, feelings on the inside are poor reflections of what all is happening on the outside. A fixed smile on the face 24/7 is a sign of alarm just the same way a perpetual frown can be. A person may be the life of the party one moment and not too long after be shedding tears over subjects unknown even to themselves. No matter how much a person is blessed with, it is never going to be enough if they are not aware of their riches both literally and figuratively speaking. Similarly, while anxiety can be known as a motivator to help get out of difficult situations, it can also influence you in making you feel inadequate and fearful. Life coaching is not a magic wand, more like a beacon of light urging its followers to find the right path.