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Imrpove Your Management Skills

Design Your Ideal Career Path Improve Your Management Skills/ Get Recognized/ Create a Value Proposition/ Find Your Niche/ Create Your Authentic Brand

“Is your career going to plan? Do you feel stuck in your job or drifting along a career path by accident rather than design and it’s making you unhappy?
This is where career coaching can be hugely beneficial. Being frustrated, stressed or dissatisfied at work can have a major impact on your performance at work, your relationship, your and wellbeing. An experienced career coach can help you rediscover how to connect your personal values, and strengths with your goals, getting your professional and personal life back on track.
A career coach can help you identify the right role for you and then help you make the transition into your new role.”.
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

Career Coaching can help you on followings;

  • Improve your career progression with your current organization
  • Identify the right role for you
  • Explore your career options
  • Change your career direction
  • Help you transition in a new role
  • Overcome a feeling of being “stuck” career-wise
  • Increase your level of self-confidence, commitment and accountability
  • Position yourself for future opportunities
  • Proactively manage career risks such as the threat of redundancy
  • Realign your working life and personal priorities
Primarily, prior to career coaching sessions, one of the assement tools that I use is the MTQ48, which is a high quality psychometric measure used to assess Mental Resilience. It assesses Mental Resilience through a unique 48 item psychometric measure using the four key components of Mental Resilience, known as the 4 C’s:
The test generates 3 main reports; Development Report, Coaching Report and Assessment Report and 2 additional reports; Distance Travelled Report and Organisation Development Report .
Start-up Business Coaching
Start-up Business Coaching
Executive/Career Coaching
Executive/Career Coaching
Personal Branding Coaching
Personal Branding Coaching
Branding Coaching?
Compelling personal brands articulate our distinctiveness in relationship to our colleagues, counter-parts, clients, target audience and thus characterize the unique contributions that we can make to those who engage our services. It is about our consistant image; the perception that we embody for ourself through creating it from within. It is nothing like old-fashioned image making, which is, in turn, associated with falseness and hypocrisy as; it grows organically out of who and what a person we are. It does incorporate important parts of our persona, our inner and outer roles, purpose, passion, values, dreams and our secret selves that are dying to come out. The essence of a personal brand is our authenticity..
Your ‘brand key’ will be the manifestation of your true self, essence, qualities, dream, purpose and values. We will also look into your entourage and the competitive environment you’re in and put a roadmap and an action plan in place to differentiate you and your services from others. I will be daring, playful, challenging, champioining and empowering for you to go beyond your self-imposed limitations just so you can achieve your goals.

A personal brand not only embodies our identity and capabilities but effectively communicates this representation consistently across multiple channels. Our brand pulls together and integrates our personal qualities and professional abilities into a single entity that functions as a promise of value to others. Thus, while our brand is a competitive tool in the marketplace, it is far more than an image.