When Life Gives You Lemons, Add In A Lot of Positivity And Support

Jan 28, 2020 | Ebru Yildirim
Positivity And Support
Everyone feels a little blue from time to time and that is part and parcel of life. It’s the lengthy periods of feeling down and out that should raise a warning flag. If you’ve always been an extrovert and suddenly lose the desire to meet everyone or anyone for that matter, something’s amiss. If you can’t get through the day without your daily dose of exercise, but suddenly realize you haven’t wanted to workout for months, could something be wrong? If you were the kind of person who shunned negative thoughts in lieu of optimism but now hear yourself being disagreeable and skeptical more often than not, maybe it’s a sign to reach out for extra support.
While mild depression can occur due to several reasons, the D word shouldn’t send you into hiding. Just because you are feeling out of sorts and not your usual self doesn’t mean the world is ending. On the contrary, think of this negativity as a derailment from your usual take on life.
In a lot of cases, an individual’s inner self simply needs to be filled with positive awareness. The individual needs a moment, or ten for that matter, when they need total focus on themselves. They want to be asked with sincerity what is it that they truly want in life and how they want to go about getting it. They also need to hear with the same amount of sincerity that they will do just fine if all that they have planned doesn’t pan out exactly how they wanted it to.
Qualified and well-versed life coaches and therapists in Dubai can help see you through the onset of downbeat thoughts and aid you in finding the light once again.

1. Shut The Door On Negativity

Life is all about the ups and downs and highs and lows which come your way through different channels. A person can’t be expected to smile through every single situation in their life. That would be impractical. However, what is achievable is finding your inner light and helping it to break through the darkness within. Find out how you can reflect and contemplate on where your hostility and irritability could be stemming from, and if deeper issues are at work.
Maybe it’s due to the fear of facing an uncertain future or maybe it could be because your present is not going the way you planned. Maybe it’s because you feel weak or powerless in certain situations. What you need to do here is avoid putting a negative spin on everything that happens. Don’t keep telling yourself that the situation is hopeless. In fact, try to remember that negativity is temporary, and you can break out of this pessimistic mindset with a little help from a life coach.

2. Move Your Body

Not everybody is built for an active lifestyle. It is ok to admit that you don’t like to workout a lot or that you like eating junk food every once in awhile. However, it’s clearly not a positive sign if you stop believing in a healthy soul.
There’s no arguing that in this day and age, stress and anxiety levels are flying high but so are the countermeasures. Physical activity of any kind can help reduce stress and secure a better night’s sleep, leading to a brighter start the next day. Don’t let the lack of desire to take care of your physical body overrule your ability to maintain a healthy mindset.
Studies across the board show that physical activity boosts energy levels. Try staying active throughout the day to get your heart rate up, keep the blood flowing and release those endorphins. We’re talking only 30 minutes of moderate-intense aerobic activity five days a week and your body’s natural hormones will get to working, keeping your mental and physical state active and happy.

3. A Ray of Sunshine

Have you ever wondered why you always feel so good after a day at the beach or when you’ve just come back from sitting at the park? It’s the Vitamin D factor. This essential fat-soluble nutrient not only helps keep your bones healthy and strong, it also increases your immune function by helping your cells function at their best.
Since your body absorbs this wonder-vitamin through sun exposure, you need to get outside and let your body get some of this natural light therapy. However, make sure to maintain a check on the length and level of sun exposure your body receives. The time of day, season, altitude and latitude all play an important role in determining the right amount of sunlight appropriate for you.

4. Pick A Different Route

When you do the same thing repeatedly, day in and day out, the same areas of your brain are used leaving others completely immobilized. Give your brain something new to think about and challenge the unused neurons by breaking your monotony and doing something completely different. Whether it’s finally trying that TRX class you’ve been meaning to for a while, taking a cooking class with a friend or maybe just learning how to sketch. Whatever the art, sport, hobby, dive into it with an earnest attitude and you’re sure to break free from any thoughts of self-doubt.

5. Ask And You Shall Receive...Support

When people are feeling low, their natural reaction is to undergo this situation on their own. While it’s okay to give yourself the space to reflect on your actions and thoughts, what’s even better is to voice your concerns to a support group. Rest assured, everyone has people looking out for them whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Try to remember that your loved ones, although in tune with your feelings, are not mind readers. So it will be up to you to give a signal, even if it’s a small one. Studies show that a positive social support is said to reduce the amount of serotonin secreted by the neurotransmitter in your brain, which affects mood changes.
There will be good days and bad days, and that’s just a part of life. Don’t forget that a big chunk of it will include the many happy days and the countless fulfilling days. Learn the value of maintaining a positive outlook through it all with the help of well-qualified life coaches. Life coaching is an introductory tool that offers encouragement and support to those who are struggling to see the light in themselves. These coaches can help motivate you to exercise, battle negative thinking, step out and try something new, meet new people and stock up on some “sunshine vitamin.” So the next time you find yourself lacking motivation for an unusually lengthy period of time, preempt what’s to come by finding a reliable and experienced life coach who can not only help you overcome this challenge but offer you a regular dose of optimism and energy.