What Stops You From Succeeding? 7 Things That Hold You Back

Mar 25, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
What Stops You From Succeeding? 7 Things That Hold You Back
What keeps most people from succeeding? While most people dream of being successful at work and in life, there are a few who actually achieve their goals. To understand what keeps you away from success, you need to first understand what is defined as success. The idea of being successful differs from person to person.
Every individual has a different idea of success. For some people, succeeding means to stay ambitious and reach heights in their career. For others, it's balancing their work and family life well. Some people follow their passion and become successful in unconventional ways and some people define success are being contented in life. If you are confused or conflicted about your idea of success, your life coach in Dubai can help you define it before focusing on how to work towards achieving it.
So, coming back to our initial question - what indeed keeps people away from success? Here are 10 things that hold people back from getting what they want and what they deserve.

Fearing incompetence

How many of you think twice before applying for your dream job? People put off from applying for their dream job because of their fear of incompetence. If you think that you are not skilled enough to take on a job, you are forever holding yourself back from what could have been a great opportunity. Your life coach can help you come in peace with this fear, which is the first step to breaking out of the mindset. Understand and accept your fear to rise above it.

Being scared of risks

It is a known fact that only risk takers have succeeded in their pursuit of success. If you fear the unknown and hold yourself back, you may be giving up on a great opportunity unknowingly. With the help of your life coach in Dubai, you can develop the strength to take and tackle risks regardless of the uncertainty associated with the step.

Dreading defeat

No one’s life goes as planned. Unexpected hurdles are all part of living your life. However, fearing your failure will always hold you back from succeeding. Understand that failure is indeed a stepping stone to success as the saying goes. Dreading things that are beyond your control will never help you see beyond the challenge. Don’t let your dread of defeat cripple your chances for success.

Avoiding rejections

If you have lived your life avoiding rejections, you will always be stuck at the “what ifs”. Your fear of rejection will never help you get a chance with your dream. Rejections are part of life just like any other challenge. Accept rejections with dignity when they happen and keep pursuing your passion. Your life coach will tell you that true success comes only from constant attempts.

Distracted by fear of missing out

The fear of missing out of FOMO as it is popularly termed these days is one of the worst factors that cripple’s a person’s chance for success. If you constantly wish that you are somewhere else other than where you are at that moment, it keeps you distracted from your work at hand. Talk to your life coach in Dubai and understand how to stay committed to your tasks at hand without FOMO taking over your aim to succeed.

Unwanted concern over a change

Changes are inevitable in life. But by getting overly concerned or involved in the reason for the change, you are simply losing your time and effort for nothing. Find inner peace and focus on your passion even when your professional or personal life is undergoing drastic changes. Learn to accept and respect the change without giving up on your ultimate aim.

Fearing all kinds of Judgments

If you are a person who gets easily ruffled up by judgments, this is the right time to stop. Your life coach in Dubai can help you get over the fear of getting judged. Work on your feeling of vulnerability and build enough strength to withstand judgments. Remember that, at the end of the day, judgments doesn't make you who you are. Fear is a basic human emotion, but it can be contained. Face and tackle your fears to get a taste of success in the long run. Your life coach in Dubai can help you guide throughout the whole process.