What it Means To Be Your Own Brand

Feb 05, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
You are Your Own Brand
We all keep hearing the term “Personal branding” more often than not these days. A personal brand is a positive impression you have made around your name and your career. You use this personal brand to connect and communicate to a wider audience, mostly about your skills, values and personality.
Unlike before, personal brands should be important to everyone who wants to stand out in a crowd.
This doesn't apply to just entrepreneurs and business owners, but to every person who is keen on building their career for the better. Your personal brand should showcase your uniqueness, drawing attention to what you do and what you can do differently from others. Your personal brand is the one thing that makes your resume stand out. If you are unsure how to set your brand, a personal branding coach can help you with the process. Developing your personal brand is a proactive procedure, which will help you excel and move forward in your career and improve your image in the market.

Defining Your Personal Brand

The first thing your personal branding coach in Dubai will tell you is that your personal brand is centered around you as an individual. It is the means by which people remember you. Before you set your personal brand, you must know who you are targeting with it.
If you are a motivational speaker, for instance, your brand will be focused on an audience who wants to hear you talk more on things that matter to them, and is useful to them. You can be a genius, say a cloud computing genius; then your personal brand must be built around what you can offer. Your clients or employers must know that you are good enough to be hired, to solve a technical issue that exists, using the knowledge you possess.

Make yourself available

By building your own brand, you are making yourself available to everyone who needs your expertise. When you are available to more and more people who search for something that you can provide them, it is more like a service rather than marketing yourself to self.
Stay active on and on top of all your social media accounts like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These social media accounts must showcase a great balance of business as well as personal updates, and thereby improving your social media presence.

Stay Active Offline

Not all your personal branding efforts are entwined with online interactions with your audience. You should interact outside the boundaries of your online persona. Focus on maintaining a positive and professional aura whenever you are out and about. Carry your business cards with you all the time and keep an eye out for potential clients. People generally encourage passionate people who are eager to offer a service. If you come across as someone who can help others with your skills, one way or another, you are going to get noticed offline too!

Be Consistent

The key to a successful personal brand image is consistency. A personal branding coach will tell you that your constant presence both online and offline to offer quality services will showcase your integrity and values. Clients like it when you are constantly available and easily approachable. However, for better visibility, consistency is not limited to your work and your individual approach. It must be part of everything you put out there for the world to see. Your online platforms should have uniformity and an appearance that screams your name.
Be consistent in your own style. Use your style and uniqueness to attract your audience. Your personal brand is not made in a day. It is your journey from your past to your future, beautifully scripted for others to see, understand and be part of. Get the help of your personal branding coach and start on your path to building and maintaining your personal brand today!