Ways To Tackle Your Next Performance Review

May 28, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Ways To Tackle Your Next Performance Review
Working at your dream job or aiming to work at your dream job will come with a lot of handles. And the one thing we all focus on once we sink into our jobs are- the evaluation. We always aspire to do the best and hence try our biggest luck in making ends meet. This is what happens when you put yourself on top of the priority list at the work you love to do.
After all the tiring work and the months spent on working extremely hard, the time has finally come to review your performance. Many career coaches in Dubai have claimed that this will create a different kind of jolt in our brains when we finally evaluate every inch of the detailed work we have done so far. This is the time to look forward to the best and also look back at what you’ve done. With this, you can capture all the work and new strategies you’ve learnt the past year for your work and also look forward to making new plans for the next year to improve more.
Many companies have the performance reviews that happen by the end of the year where they evaluate an individual’s work and the progress they’ve done. Though this can create panics and tension among people, this can also be a great opportunity to learn what you’ve done the last year and how well you’ve achieved and progressed in your work. There are life coaches and career coaches in Dubai that can help you through this review. This can either bring out a different kind of motivation in people or create a slight panic alert among them.
There are a few tips provided by career coaches on how you can cross this hurdle easily:

Prepare Yourself:

When you’re going to do something great, you should have inner confidence where you know that you will be able to ace and come across almost anything. So, this shouldn’t be considered as the biggest phase in your life ever.
Preparations always make us perform better. And so when you prepare, you will know how to handle the situation and will be ready for it once it approaches you. You must’ve heard that preparation is the key to success from your career coaches who pushes you to prepare for the best. This is your role and you will play the entire part here without the help of anyone. So preparation becomes extremely important here because your head/manager won’ be able to remember every inch of your work that you’ve done the past year.

Be Ahead:

Let your manager know that you’re way ahead of them and that you’re looking forward to being on the team in the future too. So make sure that you get hold of the self-appraisal form if your company keeps a track of it so that you can follow up. It would be better if you can complete the self-appraisal form and mail it to your manager one week prior to your performance review so that it’ll be easier during the meeting.

Steer Clear:

Keep a track of your work and all the deadlines you’ve completed the past year and also make sure that there aren’t any pending tasks that are left for you to complete. This will create a bad impression during your review. So make sure you complete the tasks and are up to date with everything. Career coaches have often suggested that you can mark every detail and jot down your work on your calendar so that it’ll be easier for you to keep a check.

Set Your Goals:

Make sure you have your goals set for the next year so that you can explain it during your performance review to your manager. This will create a good impression as you are already planning ahead of your work and setting your priority list for the next year already. Let your manager know that you’re learning and growing by undergoing a lot of opportunities and that the company has given plenty of opportunities to learn more.


Finally, after the entire meeting, make sure you ask your manager the feedback of your performance review. This way you’ll know if he is unhappy or actually satisfied with the work you’ve done the past year. If you feel that he/she hasn’t spoken anything about it, just bring out the topics which you know must’ve disappointed them by assuring them that you will work harder the next year by providing more excellent results. This will bring out professionalism and also create an impression among your manager as you tried to point out a mistake and promising to fix it.
Use these tips during your performance review so that you know how to handle and manage a situation when you feel like you’re panicking. If you want more guidance and help with your career, you can always seek the help of a career coach in Dubai who will give you tips and the best solution to all your career related problems.