Though Decisions: What Makes Or Breaks Your Life

Mar 19, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Though Decisions
Crossroads are inevitable in life. When we reach these forks, most of the times we are asked to make life-altering decisions. Our goals and priorities keep on changing throughout our lives, which add to the decision-making process making it tougher. If you have faced or currently face such a change, this article is for you.
Most people who fail at the face of making tough decisions approach a life coach in Dubai to help them see through the process. A life coach can help you break down your dilemma and bring more clarity into your decision. Here are a few tips from one of our favorite life coaches in Dubai.

Looking into the future

When you are faced with a tough decision, the most important thing to do is to think about how the decision will impact your future. Most of the time people take decisions to satisfy their current situations without taking long term impacts into consideration. But the truth is that by paying small sacrifices in the present can help you build a better future with a well-made decision.
Before making a decision ask yourself - will your decision be the same in one week? One year? If the answer remains the same, act accordingly.

Head Vs Heart Matters

You might have noticed that there are two kinds of voices inside our head when we are trying to make a decision. There is the “head voice” which is the voice of reason. The head voice will be logical and looks good on the paper. However, the “heart voice” is connected to your emotions, fueled by passion.
Before making any decision, it is important to understand these two voices. People who go with their head voices might find their life more logical but lacking emotions. And the ones who go with heart voices may enjoy a happy few years, before coming into conflict with their decision. If there is a path that has the potential to satisfy both these voices, in the long run, make sure to choose that one.

Respect Outside Opinions

When you are taking a decision that affects others around you, most particularly your immediate family members or close friends, take their opinions into consideration. While a single person has more flexibility to make or choose decisions, a person with a partner and children who depend upon them will find it harder to take one. Understand your priorities before taking any decision.

Familiarity Is A Good Choice

While making decisions, sticking to familiar things is a good way to go. Decisions build solely on hopes and dream with no potential and facts to support them is not a good way to go unless you have a backup plan that can get your back if things don't work out.
So in conclusion, make decisions that have a future and which satisfies your logic, emotions and priorities. Consult with your life coach in Dubai for making better decisions.