The Pursuit Of Happiness: 7 Simple Ways To Find Happiness In Life

Nov 07, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Find Happiness In Life
What does it mean to be happy?
We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is on their feet, pushing their way to living, striving and surviving. With so much happening around us and so much to do, we overlook things that are good and feel content about it. The feeling of blissful joy or happiness is something a lot of us don’t feel anymore. But is it so hard to feel happy? To be happy for just being in this beautiful world full of wonderful people, creatures and things? Many of us attribute success to happiness. By finding success in life, we find happiness. But what if we fail? Do we not find happiness as well?
In our pursuit to find happiness, we often forget to appreciate the simple things in life. To remind us that happiness and life in general is much more than just living and finding success, here are 7 easy steps to follow from our favorite life coach in Dubai.

Being grateful every day

Start by being grateful for simple everyday things. Be grateful that you woke up this day. Be content with your family, job, home and even the food you eat. From childhood, we have learned to say “thank you” as an expression of gratitude towards others. But how often have you said the same when you constantly find all your needs met every day?
Our life coach says that gratefulness is something that comes from within. Every day, discover something new and good to be grateful for. Appreciate people around you for being their best selves. Be nicer about the fact that you are living and breathing and seeing a new day.

Cut off from the negativity

As humans, it is in our nature to look to want more than what we have. We look at others and wonder why we don’t have something that they do. Day in and day out, you keep checking your social media handles to find celebrities and the rich and affluent people out there having the time of their lives. By constantly seeing this, it's easy to fall into the wrong notion that money and fame give you happiness.
However, to find real happiness, it’s time to turn away from the flash and jazz of the world around you and look at yourself. Learn to find happiness in what you have. What you have may be special or unique, and that's okay. Your happiness should be about you and what you hold close to you.

Step up to be organized

Our life coach says that a lot of us live a cluttered life. We try to stuff our homes and pile up our work without trying to get organized. People spend a huge percentage of their time trying to find things that are misplaced and complete tasks that are past their deadlines. However, this kind of clutter and disorganization is a slow poison that can stress you out in the long run.
To avoid this, make it a habit to spend a few minutes every night to organize your home and your work. By bringing some organization into your lifestyle, you will find peace in your life.

Goals shouldn’t be forced

Giving up on goals doesn't always mean that you are failing in life. Sometimes it is good to let go of some of them to focus on more important things in life. Remember that you are the one who sets your own goals; no one is going to judge you if you fail to complete any of that.
Living without goals is liberating. As our life coach says, it doesn’t mean that you stop achieving things. On the contrary, it stops you from getting limited from what you could achieve.

Nurture your inner child

How many times have you turned away from things you liked to pursue things that would make you “successful” in life? We are all so focused on doing the right thing that we often forget to do things that we want to and what we love to do.
Listen to your inner child and nurture its wishes. Pursue a hobby or perfect your art of being a funny storyteller. Don’t limit yourself to your everyday mundane tasks. Go out and explore things that you wish to do outside your everyday life.

Say “NO” when you have to

Often, we get involved in things we don’t want to be part of. You may take a project despite being overworked or say yes to a party under peer pressure. However, doing these things without wanting to will affect your happiness. At the end of the day, it is about how you say “no” where you have to.
Saying no doesn’t mean that you are disrespectful. It just shows that you have your own needs and priorities like everyone else and has to tend to that before investing time on something else. Life coaching teaches us how to say “no” and when to say it.
Happiness is not hard to find. It is around you and within you. All you have to do is to give yourself a chance to be free from social pressures and focus on what you truly want in life- peace and happiness. If you wish to have professional assistance to help you think and live better, reach out to our life coach in Dubai today.