Strike A Balance Between Your Mental Health And Work Life

Jul 25, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Strike A Balance Between Your Mental Health And Work Life
People often sit around and talk about their work life boasting about their progress and the environment. But once they’re done, they go home and worry about moving forward. What do you get by this?
One of the most common mistakes people do is hiding their emotions and this isn’t okay because in the end all of this piles up inside your head and stresses you out. The reason why people remain stressed and anxious is that they carry all that work tension back home and overthink about it. Our life coach claims that people should learn how to draw a line between their mental health and work-life because we tend to get affected too much. Our mental health must be given huge importance as equal to how we take care of our physical health. Physical health is usually given more priority nowadays and people go to different lengths to ensure that their physical health is on the right track. People spend hours and hours at the gym to make sure that their body is in perfect shape. But when you spend half of this time on taking caring of your mental health, you would be in a happy place right now. Let’s go through some points which focus on the importance of striking a balance between your mental health and work life.

Create A Planner

We all love jotting down the important tasks of our day and sticking it on our fridge or workplace so that we have a constant reminder of what we’re going to do. Creating a planner actually helps in keeping track of your tasks, be it work-related or anything personal. When you end up going through it by the end of the day, you’ll know which task weighs more- whether the time you actually spent for yourself or the work duties. If you notice there’s an imbalance, make sure you take out time for yourself to stay relaxed and calm. This way, you can take the heat off your work responsibility for a while.

Look Out For Yourself

It’s important to look out for yourself mentally and physically because if you don't, who else will? People tend to carry a lot of workload on their head which makes it difficult to actually save some time for themselves. This usually happens because people get scared to react to their seniors and refuse to say no when they’re asked to add more work to their already full plate. Our life coach states that you can handle the situation in a better way rather than directly refusing by suggesting a different plan if you feel like you’re being too stressed.

Avoid Procrastinating

One of the major difficulties people face in their lives is to sit straight and focus on what they’re doing. Procrastination has become a common tool that many people use nowadays when it comes to work or their personal life. Little do they realize, how it affects their time management and mental health. The more you procrastinate, the more lazy one tends to become. And this particular behavior will get instilled in you making you lose track of time and completing the work on time. Make sure that you stay focused and systematic in life. You can avoid this bad habit by indulging in more fun activities and a busy schedule so that you are constantly aware of finishing the tasks on time. Procrastination is usually more common among youngsters as they tend to lose interest in certain activities and waste their time by doing absolutely nothing.
Once you follow these three points in life on a continuous cycle, you will be able to see a drastic change in your lifestyle pattern making it easy for you draw a line between your mental health and work life. If you’re ever running out of techniques to bring you back on track, you can seek help from our life coach in Dubai to give you tips.