Self Compassion: Guide Yourself To A Bright Light

Aug 11, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Guide Yourself To A Bright Light
When people get older, they lose that feeling of compassion for themselves and begin to criticize and blame every other mistake. It's sad to see individuals attempting to offer all the love they have to other individuals, but none to themselves.
This often happens when there is no faith remaining in you, losing that that ray of hope in you, which helps you in pushing you through all the hurdles of life. Given the loss of self-belief, the idea of self-love or self-compassion tends to gradually lose its way down the lane.
Sometimes, due to the lack of love, people don't realize this has occurred because of the emptiness that seems to have consumed them. Our life coach says that for some individuals the term self-compassion may seem like a whole fresh idea because they lack the act of it.
This is feasible in most instances if the individual has been brought up in such a setting where in their past they have experienced trauma and pressure. Our life coach argues that this tends to adversely impact their behavior where the individual is shaped into another personality that lacks self-love and resilience. Let's go through some points on how a person can work to increase compassion for himself:

Train Your Inner Voice

Self-criticism seems to cover up and suffocate individuals. With the inner voice in our minds constantly peeping by leaving hostile remarks, it becomes difficult to overlook it and thus incur self-compassion. To achieve the cloud of self-compassion, the first step is to train your inner voice to comprehend love and kindness. Our life coach indicates that if you practice communicating kind messages and motivating phrases to yourself, instead of criticizing and pulling yourself further down, it will help you develop self-love. The critical voice within you must have inspired your front in difficult moments, but you must train it with love and educate you to walk on the road to self-compassion.

Healthy Narcissism

People always end up getting confused between narcissism and self-compassion or self-love claiming that they're one and the same. The act of self-compassion is to treat yourself with kindness, rather than being arrogant and humble. It's an act which you reveal only yourself that what a narcissist does, by boasting about themselves as much as they can. Studies prove that narcissism can be a good sign of your mental health as far as it's healthy. This ensures a stable sense of self when things aren't going well in life, whether it's a poor day, a loss in competition, or even a job loss.

You're Not Alone

Always remember this important point. There might be situations where you must've felt that you're going the worst and that no one can understand you. But, you're wrong. There are millions of others in this world who are almost in the same position as you, or maybe even worse. The one thing that you should try holding onto is- hope. Our life coach suggests that people should continue to believe in themselves and show compassion rather than showering themselves with hate. This will help in motivating you and keep you well connected with others because , in the end, you know that you're not alone in this.
Stop being too hard on yourself and believe in these points, because once you slowly adopt these, you will learn to love yourself. And whenever you feel low or out of space, get in touch with our life coach in Dubai who can help you set your track straight. It might get difficult in the beginning but gradually you'll feel a lot better when the negative part of you, leaves your side.