Overcome The Habit Of Overthinking

Mar 05, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Overcome The Habit Of Overthinking
Most people do some overthinking in their life. But some do it regularly that it starts impacting their lives negatively. While there are people with anxiety disorders who overthink, it is not a rule for everyone. While experts, like your life coach in Dubai agree that most people who overthink doesn’t have pathological thoughts needing clinical help, it doesn’t mean that overthinking isn’t destructive.
People consider overthinking as a way of problem-solving. What they fail to understand is that overthinking of any kind is not good and can pull you into a loop of unnecessary thinking without actually doing any problem-solving.
So how do we stop this overthinking? If you are having senseless, depressing thoughts from which you are unable to get out, your life coach in Dubai can help you find your way back.
Here are some tips from a life coach to identify overthinking and tackle it at the right time-

Identify When A Though Gets Stuck In Your Head

Anyone can easily identify if they are overthinking right from the start. However, it can become a habit if you fail to recognize that you are even doing it. Start following your thoughts so that you are actually aware of your problem. If you regularly replay a scenario over and over in your mind until the point of worrying, it suggests that you overthink.

Learn To Focus On The Problem- Solving

Since we have clearly established that overthinking is not the right way to tackle a problem, try focusing on problem-solving to break out of the habit of overthinking. Your life coach can teach you to shift your focus from the problem towards finding a solution for it.
For instance, if you are a person who obsesses about getting stuck in a natural disaster, then learn to shift your focus to how you plan to survive that situation. A positive thought, like a solution, will help you end your overthinking thought process.

Find ways to challenge your thoughts

Before you start on your downward spiral of negative thoughts, find reasons and ways to challenge your thoughts. This means that before you conclude that the window you kept ajar in the ground floor is going to get you robbed, understand that your thoughts are exaggerated.
Your life coach will tell you that most overthinking occurs due to the play of your emotions.
Learn to keep this under check and look at the existing evidence and practical solutions to the problem. Take a step back, breath in and out and look at the evidence.

Reflect And Start To Be Mindful

If you have identified your overthinking habit, then a good method to break out from the habit is to taking time to reflect. Instead of thinking about how things are going to get out of hand, try to think about what you could have different and how you can do it in the future. This “self-reflection” is a sure way to break the habit of over thinking as recommended by your life coach in Dubai.
Start being mindful about your thoughts and actions. Instead of carelessly doing your day to day chores while thinking some “nonsense”, live in the moment and take in everything when and as you do them.
Your life coach in Dubai will tell you that the best way to break the habit of overthinking is by paying attention to your present. By practicing the tips discussed in this article, you will be able to control your habit of overthinking and start cultivating positive thoughts and a solution-oriented mindset.