Mistakes In Life That Hurt Us The Most Down The Lane

Sep 22, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Transformational Life Coaching
Making mistakes is human. Others endure some mistakes and come with more shame, some are private and come with more guilt. Some hurt others, some hurt you more in the process. In life, trials and errors are often the way we learn things, so it is not very realistic to refrain from making mistakes.
If we don't know the root cause of our greatest and happiest journey behind these crushing detours, we're bound to repeat them.
My clients come to me as an authorized life coach to tell me more about these mistakes. There are some mistakes that would hurt you down the lane by making you scared to get out of your comfort zone. Let us discuss them and find out why it’s time you stop letting mistakes get the best of you:

Allowing your fears and beliefs around money prevent you from living life fully

Do not undermine your own growth due to intense aversion to risk and a deep fear of having money for stability and safety. You will not accomplish what you dream of until you can untangle your money trauma and stop making money into a cruel god in your lives that you need to nourish and worship regularly.

Not understanding what you can do

As a life coach who has worked with plenty of people, It’s easy to observe how the vast majority of us have no idea about our significance in the world.
We are beaten by demotivating experiences in our careers and connections around us, and we fail to see how unique and so necessary in the universe are our skills, achievements, and passions. The most debilitating of all mistakes is not understanding what you are capable of, and how the world needs you and your presence.

Not working on your thoughts and perspective to create the outer experience you desire

It takes work to achieve a happy, blissful and meaningful existence, and it begins with inner work. If you're dissatisfied with what's before you, you must first look inward to explore our role in it. If you refuse to define how you co-create and change your problems, you will continue to take the same results into your lives again and again.

Being surrounded by the wrong crowd

The persons with whom we engage, and those with whom we enable ourselves to associate, shape significantly who we are and what happens to us. If you're not valued, respected or cared for by the people around you, or if they live by principles in striking contrast to yours, your life can be far from what you're dreaming of.

Being scared to get out of your comfort zone

If we remain only where we feel comfortable, even when it comes to our self-identity, we're never going to get to where we're dreaming of, because we're afraid it's not who we really are.
The profound desire to remain and feel consolation and safety ultimately produces the most uncomfortable sort of pain—the awareness that we have failed to achieve our greatest aspirations and ability.

Not recognizing that you are not your thoughts

We're not our thoughts, and we don't have to be restricted and regulated by our thoughts. But if we don't know what we're thinking and why—they'll control us. It is life-changing to learn to differentiate ourselves from our thoughts.
The key is to learn to observe our thoughts and create separation from them so that with greater awareness and wisdom, we can choose how we want to react and behave in the world. If we never gain awareness of what we’re thinking, we’re powerless to shape our reactions and behaviors.
Make a comparison of yourself with others in ways that break your confidence
Comparing ourselves with others and thinking that you are not good enough will continuously ruin our lives. If you constantly compare yourself with others and fall short, the confidence, power, and motivation you need to move forward will be flushed out of your life.

Always needing to be right

Our egos can be healthy and beneficial, as well as our need to protect our ideas, beliefs, and stances. But our egos often run rampant, and small narcissism sparks evolve into complete toxicity and can make us respond in ways that burn bridges, eliminate useful connections, and disrupt our growth.
If you are trying to seek validation that you are right, significant, worthy, and if you feel the desire to kick individuals out of your life if they disagree with you or question you, your ego requires some work. And besides, if we cut off and antagonize others who defy or challenge us, we clearly can not forge the future we dream of.

Final Thoughts

Life is a sequence of mistakes. We're going from one to the next to learn, shape and improve ourselves. But when we suffer from the trauma of our mistakes, it is difficult, so to speak, to see the silver lining in all of it.
The more in charge of life we are, the more conscious choices we make. By experiencing ease in bringing our dreams to life, we become best of ourselves and create compelling ‘now’ and ‘future’.
If you need a transformational life coaching session that will allow you to empower yourself, we at Unlocked Potentials will be happy to help. When it comes to a life coach, we are the authority in Dubai so why not consider working with us today?