Making Powerful Choices in Life

Dec 19, 2018 | Ebru Yildirim
Making Powerful Choices in Life
Wise men say that life is what you make it. It simply means that whatever that happens in your life, the good and bad, they are fruits of your actions, decisions, and choices. People often say that they had no choice in some matter, that circumstances made them do it or some other poor excuses. Fact is that they all had a choice at every point of their life, but something held them back from pursuing it.
A life mentor can help you see things in a different way. He or she can help you see things in a different perspective. Your well being, both physical and mental depends on your ability to think differently and exercise your will on different matters of your life.

Identifying the choices

We are faced with countless choices in our life, many so trivial that we don’t even recognize them. For instance, waking up in the morning to your alarm, however lazy or sleepy you feel, so that you can reach your workplace on time is a routine that many of us follow. But have you ever realized that we have a choice even in that matter?
You can either wake up, giving the priority to your job and the satisfaction and monetary gain we get from it; or you can just turn off the alarm and pull the blanket right up and go back to sleep saying goodbye to your job. So what made you choose the first action? Your decision was made on account of the priority you give to your job.
So, in simple words, let us say that choices are often made on our priorities towards various situations, individuals and things.

Breaking down priorities

In simple words, priority is something that is treated as the most important, overruling all other facts and conditions. Who decides what is important? If you think that your parents, partners or society decides the importance of such matters, then you are mistaken. We are the only ones entitled to decide what is important to us and what is not.
This is the point where many of you fail. Often your priorities are set in a particular way because the society deems it normal or as part of obeying someone else’s decision. Your priorities must be set on what you want to do and where you want to be.
Let us break down the situation of waking up to go for work. If you prioritize job because you are told to or if you think that’s what everyone else does and it applies to you too, then here is a chance to explore your other choice. Suppose you are not happy with your job. Your reluctance to wake up is due to your disinterest in what you do. In that case, find out what really interests and excites you.
Maybe you have an eye for art and creativity, but got stuck in a 9 to 5 bank job. But somewhere in your mind, you want to explore your artistic abilities, but you feel that your circumstances have tied you down.
This is where you need to exercise your free will.

Understanding free will

Free will is a misunderstood concept. Many think that doing things according to their free will topple everything they have built up and leave them with nothing. But truth is, free will is not about making silly choices and following them through.
It is about finding what you what more than anything else and pursuing it. Free will does not have the constraints of necessity or fate. It is simply having faith in yourself to act according to your own thoughts and wishes and achieving happiness.
Powerful life choices make or break who you are and how your life pans out. A wellness coach in Dubai can help you find your true interests, explore your opportunities, identify your choices and find a way to exercise the same. Let your choices make your life better!