Leadership: Behaviors That Will Thwart Your Success

Aug 28, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Everyone must’ve come across a leader, and must’ve also been one themselves at some point in their lives. But in order to become a true leader, it takes true potential and capability to cross all the hurdles and become a true inspiration for others.
The term leadership can be easily taken by people, where they pretend to act like one bossing over people by trying to manage them and put them under their control. But this is a false notion assumed by people, who often consider that being a leader is all about having to watch over people.
Our life coach claims that being a true leader is almost impossible to accomplish. It comes with empowering people around you even in any minute thing you say or just by your actions. In life, we should all be a leader to the ones who look up to us, making ourselves a goal for them to achieve when they grow up.
We must’ve wondered how our parents turned out to be how they are right now and aimed to be that person when we grow up. Leadership is trying to explain to be a good person rather than focusing on the prestige you will have to earn in order to survive.
Let us focus on some of the behaviors that a leader should avoid that will thwart their success:

Micromanage and Hover

As mentioned earlier, leadership is somewhat similar to great parenting. In order to achieve something in life that is worth the wait, we should be spontaneous with good thinking rather than winding things up in the most critical way possible.
Our life coach says that as a leader, it is important to be confident in what you believe and not give up on certain beliefs till the end to keep up the inspiration rise among others.
You should encourage others to be confident, reliant, resourceful and independent. This certain behavior should be applied whether it comes to your personal life or your professional life.

You don’t have to be right

Most people rise who rise up as leaders aren’t equipped with emotional strength, self-regulation and self-awareness. And some of them who reach high levels tend to exhibit narcissistic behaviors that put others down.
Our life coach talks about how a narcissistic leader will go to any extent to prove themselves to be right and remain under the spotlight even if it means jeopardizing the life or career of others. This negates the whole term leadership, pulling you down to the ground level.

Help Others

Great leadership means helping others find their best work and making them cross hurdles in life which they found difficult. Our life coach explains that leadership is mainly focusing on others and helping others prosper rather than putting you up high on the bar.
It’s a true leader’s duty to contribute to the success of the people who come under them, their growth, excellence and much more. Take your time out in understanding others potential and capabilities and help them grow. Your leadership approach might end up falling short if you aren’t focused on helping others thrive at their highest level.
These are some of the behaviors that a true leader should steer clear from and should avoid when it comes to their personal or professional life. If you’re looking for more tips on understanding how true leadership works, get in touch with our life coach in Dubai.