How To Say 'No' At The Right Time

Mar 12, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
How To Say 'No' At The Right Time
How do you say no to a person?
We all must have had situations in life where someone very close or someone we know and admire call on us to ask for a favor. And even when you are busy with your life - job, family or health troubles or simply do not wish to help with the particular problem, you still say yes. And live to regret it later.
Even the most confident individuals in an office find it hard to say no to their clients or colleagues, and end up doing things halfheartedly and haphazardly. Your life coach in Dubai will tell you that this a rather unhealthy way to deal with things and for good measure!
Saying “no” is hard due to many reasons. While sometimes we do things which are part of our life even if we don’t want to do it, there are others which you don’t have to even be part of if you choose. There are people who accept a job they dislike or marry a person they are not ready for simply because they are too afraid to say no. If you are a person who finds it hard to say no, your life coach in Dubai will help you break this habit.

Understanding the reason

People find it hard to say no because of different reasons. Sometimes we say yes to everything that comes our way because we want others to like and accept us. We do things we are not particularly fond of just for the sake of others and to meet their expectations. We keep saying yes to please them.
Your life coach will help you deal with this in just the right way. It is true that denying others is not easy. It will change other’s expectations about you, even heartbreaking sometimes. But saying “yes” is going to be harder on you, which is why it is important to let go.

Learning To Accept Yourself

When you say yes to people and things without really wanting to, it will slowly lead to self-resentment and disappointments. When you put others’ needs in front of yours even when you know it’s physically, mentally and emotionally impossible for you to help them with the task at that point, it can lead to negative thoughts, anxiety and even depression.
So here are 5 ways for you to start learning the skill of saying no -

Listen To Your Body

When you are asked to do something for someone, listen to your body. Does the request make you feel tired? Or does it make you feel some unexplained physical symptom like a sudden headache?
Your body is quite wise in letting you know when something is not working for you. If you are not ok doing something, your body will protest, sending early signals to help you say no.

Question yourself

Your life coach will tell you that questioning yourself whether you want to do something or not will most often give you an answer. If your inner voice says no, listen to it. Your conscious has the power to make the right decision most of the time.

Thinking Before Answering

Another great way to buy yourself some time is to think before saying yes or know. Even if you need to give a fast answer, taking a few solid minutes to ponder over the request will also help you articulate a better no if you do not want to do it.

Learn By Saying No To Little Things

Learn to say no by speaking out against little things. It could be as simple as saying no to a telemarketer or saying no to a lunch party. Practice on declining to invitations you do not want to do.

Keep It Short

If you do not want to answer to request and doesn’t really have a reason except for not wanting to do it, say no and stop at saying that you can’t do it at the time. There is absolutely no need for you to give elaborate excuses to not do something you aren’t committed to doing. Remember- you always have a choice to say no.
Learning to say “no” is a life skill everyone must learn. Contact your life coach in Dubai to learn the best way to say no to commitments you do not want in your life.