How To Restart Your Career? Tips To Move On From An Unsatisfying Job

May 07, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Tips To Move On From An Unsatisfying Job
Every employee will have ups and downs in their career. But for some, the low points start to count more as they become dissatisfied in their jobs. When a person is unhappy about their job, they feel stuck in their work life. Ignoring the signs and continuing in a career path that is neither rewarding nor motivating will lead to frustrations and burnout.
But is it easy to quit your well paying job and restart a new career? Most people are too scared to go for a career change in fear of not getting a job at all. But is this worry really necessary?
If you find yourself in an unsatisfying job, try talking to a career coach. Your coach can help you pinpoint the reasons for your unhappiness and help you get started on a new career path.
Here are a few tips to change your career path as suggested by your favorite career coach in Dubai -

Identifying The Underlying Reason

Before you think of changing your career, it is important to figure out why you dislike your current job. Identifying the root cause of your dissatisfaction will help you decide the best path you need to take to tackle your current problem.
Why was your old position unfulfilling? Are you specifically looking to move to a new position? Is it necessary to change your role to feel better about your job? Sometimes answering these questions will help you put your finger on the problem yourself. At other times, you may require the help of a career coach.
Once you have identified the issue, think of your actions. Will your issue gets resolved by bringing it up with your manager? Talking to your superiors will help in resolving issues at work if your problem is limited to the current workplace.
But what if you want to change your industry altogether?

Starting From The Scratch

The worst fear anyone would have about switching their career path is when they think about the long and difficult process of job-hunting. However, the important thing to remember at this point is that, unlike before, you’re now better equipped and experienced to handle a responsible role. Work experience is a really valuable asset in the job market, even when you have worked with an entirely different industry. If you have doubts on your skills, consult with a career coach and learn how to best portray your strengths before applying for a new role.
If you are concerned about taking the wrong turn, take some time to explore your career options online. Search websites and identify roles where you can utilize your skill set better. Apply for roles and positions where your skills match. Make your moves with a positive attitude.

Stop Thinking About Failure

It is quite common to feel pressured when you are looking for a career change. Unlike your first job after college, a career change can feel like you are admitting defeat. Always remember that a career change is inevitable when you feel dissatisfied with your current role. It has nothing to do with failure and a lot to do with what you want from life.
If you feel defeated and uninspired about changing your career, talk to your career coach in Dubai. Understand that making the right move at this point can open up new doors for you. Overcome your fears and go find opportunities worth trying.