How To Overcome Self-Doubt Through Life Coaching

Aug 23, 2018 | Ebru Yildirim
How To Overcome Self-Doubt Through Life Coaching
We make a brand out of ourselves. Establishing our personal branding enables us knowing who we are, what we can do, and what we are able to give to the world. A personal brand does not only embody our identity and capabilities, but it also represents us across multiple channels, and can decide on securing our position in a certain level on the competitive marketplace. By possessing a compelling personal brand, we can articulate our uniqueness from our counterparts, and things like values and self-belief will be the foundation on which our personal brand is built. Personal branding allows us to let people connect with us at a deeper level – with them buying into our brand even further.
Establishing our personal branding will consistently emphasize who we are and where we stand for in our career and life. Personal branding consists of these ‘brand keys’; our 'brand keys' will be the manifestation of our true self, essence, qualities, dream, purpose and values. By holding onto these ‘brand keys’, we unlock potentials in ourselves and gradually overcome self-doubt that hinders the development of our personal brand.
The ability to create our personal branding should not be parallel to our position in the company. Whether you are on the start or at the peak on the corporate ladder of success, you need to constantly capitalize on your personal branding that will angle us to the promotion that accordingly suits our skill set.
There are many ways to strengthen your brand and eventually overcome your self-doubt, the ones you can utilize to set your front foot forward are;
1 – When Opportunities Knock, Invite Them In: One way to reshape your professional image is to constantly engage in relevant projects that will help in solidifying your desired self. You can build the personal brand you aim to achieve as your career goal by actively seeking out and volunteering for high-profile roles and assignments that would give you the chance to demonstrate your new brand in action.
2 – Constantly Expose Yourself: Just like business brands need visibility, you also must constantly show yourself to the marketplace. For instance, speaking at conferences provides an immediate credibility both internally and externally, where you are setting yourself as an expert.
3 – Curiosity Never Kills the Cat: Asking the right kind of questions enable us to point the right kind of answers. By being verbally engaged, we are giving ourselves a valuable opportunity in building our personal brand. A simple question can shed a new light on the most important subjects.
4 – Network Outside Your Team: Relationship-building is critical to building your personal brand. Your visibility, not only amongst your immediate colleagues, but also to the whole organization makes you more promotable as you begin to build trust and reliability on your household name. Connecting to people also enables you to believe in yourself better.
5 – Influence The Influencers: To amplify your personal brand, you have to reach to journalists, influencers, and industry leaders. Proactively providing and seeking advice and support within your area of expertise would help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. For example, executive coaching in Dubai would allow you to find and create the ways in further developing your personal brand.
Skills are learnable. Being in touch with how we feel and what we are afraid of would shift things. It would bring more solidness to the relationships we build and enable us to expand our range of being and doing.