Healthy Choices That Help You In Your Life

Feb 25, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Healthy Choices That Help You In Your Life
Your life has a flow to it. Your days start when you wake up in the morning, it progresses as you move around doing your day to day routines, work and everything in between, and it ends when you are back in your bed to sleep. It's that simple. But how do you make your life a healthy and happy one? Do you have a choice to turn your life more meaningful instead of simply existing? Of course, you do!
Although it is practically impossible to completely plan and chart your entire life, a life coach will help you plan your daily activities for a better living. Your life coach in Dubai can aid you in prioritizing every element of your life, the daily rhythms, food, relationships and circumstances. A healthy happy life is a direct result of the small choices you make each day. You may be eating the freshest and organic meals every day, but if you burn out yourself at work, the healthy eating habit alone is not going to save you. Every action you take is interconnected and has a reaction.
Here are 5 tips from a life coach, which can guide you in making healthy life choices for a happier life-

The Perfect Meal

Your perfect meal doesn't have to be the right calories to e perfect. Instead, it should be balanced. Even if you are not an expert on nutrition, the simplest way to put together a healthy meal is to rely on your basic instincts. Too much of starch, sugar and processed foods are a big no-no as you can easily say.
Instead, pick whole-food ingredients to put on your plate. A small portion of protein, healthy dose of good fats and vegetables - especially the green ones can do wonders. If you need a better breakdown of your perfect meal, consult a nutritionist for help.

Sleep Like A Baby

Research has always shown that sleeping will clear your brain and help avoid early mental decline. Depriving yourself off sleep continuously will build up to loss of neurological function. It will affect your memory and will cause you to be absent-minded. Sleep deprivation is also known as a contributing factor for dementia and Alzheimer's. So never skimp on your sleep- it does your body more harm than you know.

Get It Moving

Although modern life is not exactly designed for actual moments, moving your body not only burns calories but can also keep your joints lubricated, tendons robust and improve your overall flexibility. Try to squeeze in at least 20 to 30 minutes of activity into your daily life, like swift walking, yoga or some sports. Try embracing micro sessions, in which you get good movement for 5 to 10 minutes more than once a day.

Breath better

Taking deep breaths is a fail safe way to calm your mind and body. Even though we all breathe in and out without conscious effort every second of the day, doing voluntary deep breaths can help you unwind better.
Try breathing exercises like belly breathing and other breathe techniques, which can improve your lungs functioning as well as fill your body with more oxygen, much needed for its proper functioning.

Connect with your loved ones

Perhaps the greatest gift we humans have is the ability to love unconditionally. Spend time with your loved ones and show kindness to all your fellow beings. Your life coach in Dubai will tell you that appreciating others create a momentary link between you and the person, which in turn makes you happy and helpful. Love and kindness is a universal language that can connect human beings with each other as well as with other living beings. Utilize the ability to do more, give more and be more to all your fellow beings.
Consult your life coach in Dubai for a session on healthy living to live your life better and to the fullest.