Goal Setting - How Can Executive Coaching Help You Be An Achiever

Feb 12, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Goal Setting
What is the one common thing that all successful individuals do before their long journey towards success? They would all have set goals and worked towards achieving them. Goal setting helps you take control of your life and assist you in directing your focus and efforts on the right path. Goals can provide a benchmark for you, which will help in determining your success. Goal setting is the first step which will help you succeed in your task.
Although we now understand the importance of goal setting, it is a whole another thing to actually set them. Your goals are almost always based on what you are, what your skills are and what you plan to do with all these insights. Executive coaching in Dubai can help you find clarity to your personal insights and help you set smart and achievable goals.
In this blog, we will brief about the 5 foundations of successful goals. Take a look-


Motivation is the most important factor that affects your goals. Motivation is basically the fuel that helps you achieve the goals you set. Individual goals often fail to give clarity to the larger picture of why the goal is needed. However, motivation is what pushes a person to follow through to achieve the goal.
Goal achievement needs a level of commitment which requires you to have a “go-getter” attitude towards all your goals. Staying motivated will help you achieve your goals faster.

Goal Characteristics

Your goals must be powerful for them to pave your way to success. Set specific goals which are well defined and are helpful for your long term vision. If your goals lack clarity, they can be misleading and unproductive.
Goals must be measurable, meaning you must be able to track their progress throughout the time you commit towards achieving it. They must be achievable and realistic, as unattainable goals can demotivate you. Setting realistic and challenging goals will give you the required balance to achieving them.
Your goals must be relevant for your longtime goals. For instance, if you are an individual who is working to set up your own business, start by doing thorough research of the market you are aiming for. This will help you ascertain the dos and don’ts of launching your business. Here, the goal “research” is highly relevant to your long term vision.

Write It Down

Having a physical copy of your goals will make it more real and tangible. Writing down your goals will increase your motivation to achieve it while. Use powerful words like “I can” or “I will” to set your goals. Powerful words create a positive impact on your mind, which will push you to strive harder for your goals.

Goals To Action

When you are on your path to achieving your goals, you need an action plan to help you stay focused on the steps you need along the way. When you write down the path to your goals and strike off each one as soon as you complete it, you can feel and make a note of your progress as you move along your path to success.


The final foundation stone to goal setting and path to success is the commitment towards your goals and end result. Goal setting is an ongoing activity. As you achieve each milestone, you move onto the next goal. So the most important thing you need to have in achieving your ultimate vision is to have a commitment towards all your goals that you make along the way. Prioritize your goals, ensure its relevance and work with a deadline. Show that commitment throughout your journey.
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