Finding Work-Life Balance With Career Coaching

Feb 19, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Finding Work-Life Balance With Career Coaching
With the intervention of technology into the workplace, we are now living in a world where everyone is highly productive, with great multi-tasking skills and having a stellar professional growth. We all have become so deeply attached to the always-connected work culture that we carry half of our work back home every evening and pack it with the skiing gears during every vacation.
Commitment to your profession and career is quite necessary for being successful. True, there is great pleasure in being an achiever, living to see your career goals hit the target every single day. But what most people tend to forget is that, along the way, these extreme professional commitments push you away from almost all your personal and family commitments.
A 2017 survey by Glassdoor showed that two-thirds (66%) of Americans were reported to be working while they were on a family vacation, which opened our eyes to a simple but terrifying fact. Although this is not a global average, it still throws light on the fact that your professional commitments can hijack your de-stressing and family time unless it is put under check.
It is important to do a reality check and get some de-stressing time for yourself as well as quality time with your family. When you find that it's a hard thing for you to let go of your work life for even a small break, it's the right time for you to get the help of a career coach in Dubai.
There is nothing wrong in being a hardworking professional. But taking these simple steps will help you balance your work and life better, without compromising one for the other-

Take a break/ vacation

There is nothing wrong in taking a much-needed break from work and everything that stresses you out. It is the ‘you time’ where you can treat yourself to a de-stressing road trip, a beach vacation or even a spa treatment. A short break like a weekend getaway will help recharge your energy and put your physical and mental health on track. A good vacation, on the other hand, will help boost your morale so that when you are back at work, you will be in top shape, motivated and ready to take things head on.

Stress buster nap

The importance of a stress reliever activity, like a short nap, cannot be said enough. Your career coach will tell you that letting your mind rest for even 5 minutes is the best way to feel fresh, sharp and motivated to work. If your office has a break area, make use of it to get a short nap before snapping back to action.

Start Working Out

Staying physically fit can do wonders to your mind and body. Working out at home or a gym will manage your stress levels as well as regulate your mood. A 20 to 30-minute workout 3 to 4 times a week can help you lose that extra pounds you gained as well as help you stay active always.

Invest in creativity

Every once in a while, you need to take a step back and embrace the creative side you once had. Find time to go back to things you enjoyed before you started your work life. Paint that pretty picture you always wanted to, or enjoy cooking dinner for your family once in a while. Your career coach will tell you how much these creative hobbies can act as stress busters as well as help you get closer to your loved ones.

Spend time with loved ones

This is perhaps the most important thing you must do to maintain the perfect work-life balance. Humans thrive on interaction with others. When your work takes you away from your loved ones, it has a higher impact on your life and personality than you originally deemed. Don't let your work commitments hold you back form holding hands with your loved ones and spending some quality time them. Create intimate moments with your friends and family which you can hold dear to always.
If you have decided to take the first step towards figuring out how to balance your life and work, consult your career coach in Dubai to get a better idea on how to make it happen.