Checklist: How To Get Your Career Options Sorted?

Jun 04, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Get Your Career Options Sorted?
Life has a lot of directions and it often gets hard to stick to a particular one. We’ve had so many things to think about when we finally decide about something particular in our life. And, that can work in many ways. But have you ever imagined about coming into a conclusion when it comes to deciding about your career?
Deciding about your career can be one of the hardest decisions in life and you have all the more reasons why. But is it impossible to finally have a career plan planted in your mind? Well, no. I don’t think so. This is where the role of life coaches and career coaches comes into place. They are there to help you and guide when you run out of options.
But now that there are plenty of options lying ahead of us to choose from, why does it become so difficult? The answer has been answered by plenty of career coaches where they claimed that people tend to lose interest and a motive halfway. And this, in turn, makes them drop their career plan halfway.
However, there are a few tips which have been often addressed by career coaches and life coaches who have helped in making a decision about your career plans:

Learn About Yourself

This may come off as a piece of very vague advice, but it is extremely an important one. Before getting to the part where you choose your career path and options, it’s very important to assess yourself. Firstly, learn about what you’re interested in. Secondly, deeply question yourself about your personality, your likes and your dislikes and more about your aptitude and soft skills.
You can always get the help of career coaches in Dubai who can assess these by putting you through career tests. This will give you a rough idea of where you belong and what you’re capable of working as. These career tests set by career coaches can gather information about your skills, your traits by going through your performance and also generate a list of career options which will be fit for you based on your answers.

Explore Your Career Options

After all the assessments and conclusion from your career tests, you will be provided with a list of career options which will be helpful for you. Your career coach will brief you through this process and guide you through learning in depth about each occupation that has been listed. In order to keep yourself organized to make sure you should combine all the options into one master list. Seek help from your life coach or career coach to get a better understanding if you’re clueless.
There might be some occupations on your list which will seem of no interest to you, but don’t ignore it as they are there on your list as a result from your assessment. So make sure you include professions about which you don't know much about or which doesn’t trigger any familiarity. You might learn something unexpected after digging deeper and exploring more about the said profession.

Choose And Identify Your Goal

After exploring and short-listing your career options with the help of your career coach or by yourself, set a goal. It is important to set your goal before moving ahead, be it your long term goal or a short term goal. Once you do this, it will allow you to eventually work in your chosen field.
Long-term goals usually will take about three to five years to reach if you have a certain aim set in your mind, while you can usually fulfill a short-term goal in six months to three years depending on the career option you’ve chosen to move ahead with.
The research you’ve done about your career options, the required education, training and the occupation list that was laid out as a result of the assessment by your career coach should be your guide. If you don't have all the details and want to learn more get the help from a career coach in Dubai who can make plans for you by providing you with extra career tests and guidance.