A Step By Step Guide To Set Your Life Goals

Jul 04, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
A Step By Step Guide To Set Your Life Goals
Our lives are filled with ups and downs and every phase of it has a different sense of growth. But when these downfalls hit us with the maximum blow, you tend to stay crippled and not build yourself up.
This is where everyone goes wrong, because accepting life as it is, comes with a lot of responsibility and inspiration. Though we tend to aim at reaching a certain goal in our life, the situation that takes place during every phase strikes through our goals. There might be a life coach around you to help you decide what you want, but at the end of the day, change has to come from within. The most common advice everyone hears right from their childhood is to set a destined goal. And this will seem more clear and accurate as you grow, because of how much you’ve accomplished over the years. And by accomplishments, it doesn’t necessarily mean your career or fame, but your mental growth and value in life. Let us focus on some of the steps that help in setting your life goals:


No matter how dedicated you are towards your goals or achievements, you need to make sure you are committed to acquiring it. A goal becomes your main motive when you focus on achieving it by trying extremely hard without even turning behind. Cause once you lose track of what you were about to do, you tend to lose interest and hence leave it midway. This is why it is important to become committed and ambitious towards your life goal because this is your goal and another individual doesn’t play any role in this.


After you’ve fixed your goal, it is now important to understand why this particular life goal was picked. This particular thought instills a kind of motivation in you as to what this life goal is worth. Understanding and accepting the purpose of your goal will help you in striving towards it by making you grow better. This will help in increasing your pace. Our life coach claims that this will help us build more life goals and will create a sense of focus within.


Who will believe in your goals unless you don’t start by doing so? Our life coach states that although people set goals in their mind, they lose a sense of belief in themselves gradually when they face challenges. Challenges and knots are common, but it needs to be treated with diligence. The moment you get past this hurdle, the rest will become easy for you. This will make you believe in yourself. As the famous saying goes, ‘Rome was not built in a day’, life goals wasn’t set in a day as well. You had to take a lot of leaps and face tough challenges in order to reach where you are right now.
Once you stick to these steps, reaching any point will be easier for you. If things get too hard down the lane, you can always rely on a life coach to motivate you and set you back on track.