5 Impactful Ways To Stay Positive And Thriving

Oct 22, 2019 | Ebru Yildirim
Ways To Stay Positive
Overcoming sadness and negativity is no easy feat. It is extremely difficult to navigate these feelings as it can be very strong and comes unannounced. These feelings are often attributed by mental or environmental factors, which makes it a condition that may require medical attention as well as a humane touch to be fully controlled.
There are no quick fixes to deal with sadness and negativity. So to counter it, our life coach in Dubai suggests 5 simple yet impactful steps that should be practiced every day to uplift your life after beating sadness and negativity. Here they are:

Break your train of thought

Perhaps one of the worst feelings to suffer when depressed might have been the thought of “nothing is right in my life”. During such intense thinking, the patient often spends hours staring at a single spot, while mentally dwelling on just the negative thought.
As a person who wishes to never go back to it, you must consciously break your train of negative thought to view the world from a different perspective. Look at various things around you, observe and think about the simpler things. Like a book or a painting or the window through which sunlight is streaming in. Keep shifting your focus to things around you to not dwell in one thing for long.

Search and visualize happy memories

Often, one of the trigger points of unexplained sadness are painful memories. So before your mind wanders to this old and forgotten memory, close your eyes to find a happy one.
Happy memories are like mental medicine. When you visualize a happy memory, it will make you break out from the gloom and be genuinely happy about the moment. Our life coach says that people even take an energetic stance or posture when they are visualizing a happy thought as it empowers them.
Whenever you feel like slipping into a negative memory, conjure up your happiest and proudest moments in life and relive it. This will help keep your mind away from the darkness it used to live in.

Remind yourself what you are worth it

Unexplained sadness is a strange feeling. It feeds and dwells on insecurities and negativities. When a person is depressed, he or she might question their self-worth multiple times and conclude that they are not worth anything. This feeling of worthlessness is comforting as they are hesitant and afraid to know what they’re capable of outside their shell of insecurity.
However, have you considered asking yourself the exact opposite? Have you ever thought about what is good about you? If you are truly trying to break free from the sadness and negativity surrounding you, memorize a list of your good traits and repeat it in your mind. Say that you are kind and beautiful. Say that you are talented and creative. Remind yourself that you are a very reliable and strong survivor. Keep reminding yourself of your self worth every day.

Stay active

One great way to break out of your gloom is to stay active. This doesn’t necessarily mean working out, rather doing something that will occupy your mind and body. When you feel like a bout of sadness is settling in, take your phone and call a friend. Start talking and listening keenly to what they have to say. Likewise, push yourself to get out of your home.
Take your time to shower, dress up and take a walk. Meet a friend or take a book and walk to your nearest coffee shop for a drink and read. Find ways to entertain yourself. Our life coach suggests having a routine planned out for a week so that there is no time for you to drift back to your dark place and instead have something to do during free time.

Have something to look forward to

While we discussed planning for your week ahead with activities, make sure to look forward to the same as well. Looking forward is more powerful than visualizing an old memory. Since it is yet to happen, it lends a bit of mystery to it. Looking forward to things will create excitement which will help you stay away from unwanted gloom. Contemplating a plan gives an emotional lift like no other.
At the end of the day, everything on this list needs one thing in common- persistence. When you are persistent in your efforts to stay away from sadness and negativity, it will slowly become a habit that you will be accustomed to. By constantly practicing these 5 steps under the guidance of a life coach, you will be able to break out of your everyday gloom, thrive everyday and look at life with happiness and optimism.